Developing Your Sensitivity

“The human body is an extremely intricate and complex physiological organism complete with extraordinary potential. The human body contains an emitting station much like a radio broadcast station, consistently sending out its biological waves – a manifestation of qi that is not restricted by time or space. The biological waves of an organism contain the […]

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Cultivating Stillness

Our senses are a major component of the veil that separates actuality from reality (the world of the ten thousand things). The senses are the major source of non-stop information that overwhelms the mind into paying attention to the ten thousand things. Trying to find stillness during every day waking reality is very much like […]

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Less is More

There are many types and expressions of energy. We burn (explode) gases to generate power for our combustion engines and we splits atoms to power nuclear facilities. The same concept holds true in the practice of Taijiquan. At a beginning level, players will start to play with the expression of energy from a very physical […]

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I have learned over the years that students gain even more appreciation for Tai Chi and actually retain more if I create a body/mind connection by teaching the applications of the forms while they learn the set. I don’t know how many times I have heard “oh, that’s what’s happening!” when I show them that […]

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Letting Go

Sometimes in class we play a little game that we call the “spaghetti arm yank”. The game is played by matching your stance with another player and locking onto each others wrists using a cross arm grab. So the grab is left hand to left hand or right to right. Your stance should be a […]

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An Enlightened Individual

“It has been known early on by the Taoist’s that muscular activity results in the movement of qi to the area of activity. This is one of the basic tenets of qigong. Qigong is a precursor to much of the knowledge of the energy system within the body. It predates the martial arts, and the […]

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