Peng I was with a single student the other day so I was able to go a little more down the rabbit hole than usual and the topic we were playing with was peng jing. For those who don’t know, jing is trained force and peng is the dominant force of the eight essential energies. […]

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Palm Strikes

Palm Strikes A while ago I wrote about how important the hands are in taiji but I only touched the surface of this complex subject, so today I’ll mention just a little more. The hands are obviously used for striking and taiji incorporates quite a few techniques dependent upon the situation at hand. The Palm strike, […]

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Why? Why has Tai Chi or Qigong been introduced into your life. Why do you carve out time from your busy schedule to learn and perform the sets? Why do you make the trip to the studio once or twice a week to seek out knowledge? Why do you seek out and read what you […]

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Forms Training

Forms Training When looking at martial arts in general we can see lots of differences but today I want to touch on a similarity not often talked about. This similarity is in regard to our forms training. The majority of the arts use forms training in one respect or another. The more traditional the training, […]

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Many come to the table but few stay for the meal

Many come to the table but few stay for the meal If a student expends a day’s efforts they will obtain a day’s results. As the days and months accumulate success will come. Fu Zhongwen   The practice of taijiquan is certainly not for the immediate gratification crowd. There’s a saying that I like to […]

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