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The 10 Essentials – #3

The 10 Essentials – #3 The 10 essentials are as follows: 1 – Empty, lively, pushing up and energetic 2 – Hold in the chest, pull up the back 3 – Relax the waist 4 – Separate empty and full 5 – Sink the shoulders and droop the elbows 6 – Use intent rather than […]

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The 10 Essentials

The 10 Essentials I find that I consistently refer to approx. 15 teaching points. Class after class I plant conceptual seeds that I hope my students will first hear then digest and finally incorporate into their practices. Grandmaster Yang Chengfu who was grandson to the Yang style founder Yang Lu-chan had his 10 essentials which […]

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A Still Summer Pond

A Still Summer Pond A classic challenge for the taiji student is that one will make faster gains if you stop thinking. What? Stop thinking? How am I to stop thinking when there’s so freakin’ much to think about? Ahhh… the paradox of taiji 😉 Of course there’s a element of learning taiji that is […]

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Like a flower being nourished by a light rain…

Like a flower being nourished by a light rain… I was traveling across the pond in the old country last week and had the opportunity to meet quite a few new people. We chatted and inevitably got to know each other and at some point my passion for tai chi would pop up as a […]

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Towards Wuji

Towards Wuji I recently watched a documentary called “Absolute Zero” which tells the story of how scientists have been working their way towards creating an environment where the temperature is zero on the Kelvin scale. It started out with people making use of ice and then learning to manufacture ice and now they are at […]

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A Training Tip

A Training Tip I have been introducing some advanced taiji concepts to my in-studio students lately that I thought might be interesting to TRY to express in writing. I say it this way because anyone who has tried to document internal art techniques knows that expressing movement and feeling in a text format is quite […]

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