Tai Chi Chin na –
Seize & Control

Tai Chi Chin na is the art and practice of seizing and controlling. Chin na applications are dispersed throughout the sets and gaining an understanding of these applications will enhance the students level of comprehension, leading to mastery of the forms.

There are hundreds of Chin na applications but we have narrowed the teaching down to those applications that are recognizable in the forms or can be put to practical use.

Tai Chi Chin na techniques are broken out into four categories:
Finger Chin na
Wrist Chin na
Elbow Chin na
Neck Chin na

Tai Chi Chin na is the art of seize and control. We will teach the student to be aware of these energies found within many of the forms of the Yang style tai chi 108 form set. Tai Chi Chin na is all about the details, where the smallest adjustment will make a vast difference in the result

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