A little about Qigong in general…

The word Qigong

is made up of two distinct components of knowledge. Qi (pronounced chee) refers to vitality, energy, the universal life force. Gong refers to practice, cultivation and refinement. Qigong is an ancient wisdom first developed, some say as early as 7000 years ago in ancient China. As with most ancient wisdoms the developers looked to nature and their everyday experiences to understand themselves and their surroundings. One gets the sense that the ancients were very much in tune with the relationships that shaped their lives.

They lived everyday with the understanding that all gross matter, including the human form was in fact a manifestation of energy.

“The Sages of old were profound
and knew the ways of subtlety and discernment.
Their wisdom is beyond our comprehension.
Because their knowledge was so far superior
I can only give a poor description”

“The spirit of emptiness is immortal. It is called the Great Mother
because it gives birth to Heaven and Earth”

With this knowledge

and understanding they developed practical exercises to work directly with the energy that manifested everything in the physical experience. If this sounds esoteric, understand that today’s modern physics is claiming the exact same explanation for the manifestation of the physical world through super string theory coupled with quantum mechanics.

The ancients paid close attention to their energetic existences. With patience and perseverance they observed the flow of energy composing the human body and eventually charted this in great detail creating the map of the meridian system. Through the ages they perfected this system which allowed an individual to work with the energy of the body to alleviate blockages, balance different types of energy and even circulate energy throughout the various gates and meridians. This knowledge has been systemized into what is now known as Qigong.


Qigong is a marriage of progressive relaxation, meditation, visualization, concentration, breath, self massage, correct movement and focused intent. One could also describe it as a complete connection between mind, body and soul. Qigong practice starts a wide range of physical responses throughout the body. One’s energy will increase as a greater amount of oxygen is more readily distributed and assimilated. Waste products and free radicals are more efficiently dealt with. The lymph system is drained and cleared. The respiratory system is enhanced and refined. The skeletal and muscular systems are maintained or strengthened. The immune system as a whole, will function more efficiently including stem cell production and usage. The nervous system is positively affected, as is brain chemistry, resulting in a calm, joyous attitude personified by the practitioner.


Qigong is a system of attunement with the tangible benefit of health, longevity and peace of mind. Remember this, if something is not within your consciousness then it does not exist. The practice of Qigong will ”bring to life” many hidden details of your existence that previously were not known by your conscious mind. Qigong will build ones awareness within themselves by helping the practitioner to get in touch with the various body and energetic systems and with this conscious awareness one can then proceed to clear, tone and tune using a systematic practice.


Qigong enhances the understanding that we are a part of a Holistic Universe, a universe where everything is interconnected within an intimate web of energy, manifestation and relationship. The practice of Qigong will bring one into contact with the essence of humanity, personified, mysteriously, by all that you experience.

“Those who know others are intelligent;
those who know themselves are truly wise.
Those who master others are strong;
those who master themselves have true power”

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