Tai Chi is much more than just slow movements…

Tai chi or more traditionally written Taiji,

is a modality of internal arts training that uses specific physical movements or “forms” that are linked together into sets. The performance of these sets are a type of meditation in motion where the player enhances physical co-ordination, strength and balance while harmonizing the internal energy system. This can positively effect the body’s cardiovascular, respiratory, lymphatic, digestive and nervous systems, while increasing bone mass and immune system functionality.

The Taiji style we teach is Yang style. It is the world’s most popular style of Taiji. Yang style incorporates slow, circular and spiraling movements designed to be used as a part of ones proactive approach to health.

Benefits Gained by the Committed Tai Chi Player

It is said that Tai Chi (Taiji) is the Mother of the ten thousand things. In today’s hectic lifestyle the “ten thousand things” could be seen as stressors and the wise wo/man will at some point understand that one doesn’t have to submit to these outside pressures. The question then becomes; how do we accomplish this difficult task?

Tai Chi for those who are unfamiliar with this internal art is much more than a slow dance like movement that people 50+ enjoy. Tai Chi or more accurately stated Taijiquan, is a philosophy and a lifestyle. The Taiji symbol that everyone is familiar with is a two dimensional representation of a philosophy which states that everything is interconnected, without beginning or end, and that harmony and balance is imperative for an individual. This harmony and balance has to be achieved on fives different planes to be complete. These planes are the physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual dimensions of our lives. Only through the incorporation of the Tai Chi principles will the player be able to achieve this universal harmony.

Most people begin Tai Chi for the often cited health benefits of enhanced physical balance, leg strength, flexibility, oxygenation of the blood, enhanced lung capacity, detoxification and stress reduction gained through this gentle form of exercise. For these benefits alone Tai Chi is worth exploring yet there is more, much more to be gained if the player truly seeks what Tai Chi has to offer.

Imagine being able to neutralize the energy in even the most traumatic situations and remain calm and grounded. Imagine being able to be open minded enough to see and appreciate dozens of possibilities when most people would just see tragedy and loss. Imagine reconnecting to your innermost self and being able to take advantage of the wisdom of Source. These are the benefits gained by the committed Tai Chi player.

I find it ironic and somewhat amusing that it is the 50+ generation that usually seeks the benefits of Tai Chi because, the lessons we learn could and certainly should be utilized by the younger generation. But it is obvious that slow is definitely not the language of today’s youth now is it?

So we resign ourselves to our differences and the wise Tai Chi player sits back, centered and balanced, watching as the world spins faster and faster, content in the understanding and implementation of self-mastery, the ultimate goal of the Tai Chi player.

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