Taiji Dian Xue Fa

Supreme Ultimate Pressure Point Method

Back in the day (as the story goes) the Taiji Masters of old where said to regularly bribe the jail guards to gain access to prisoners in order to practice the more deadly facets of Taijiquan, particularly pressure point striking.

Sifu Rod has been diligently studying this methodology (under Master Evan Pantazi) for years and is now adept at using this knowledge in order to heighten the effect of most Taijiquan applications.

This methodology lends itself perfectly into the close range art of Taijiquan.

This knowledge is as dualistic as Taiji itself as we learn to both hit & heal using the exact same points.

Subdue the Tiger

The art of applying pressure point techinques in taijiquan is called taiji dian xue fa. We can use points to create dysfunction or to heal.

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