The Taiji Dao is classic weapon forged over many centuries to be the weapon of choice for many warriors. It’s design is a blend of practicality and beauty that allows it to neutralize the effectiveness of many opposing weapons especially those considered to be long range weapons such as the staff and spear.

The Classic Yang (32) saber is a strong, energetic and flowing set that fully incorporates the techniques specific to the saber. The student will learn to utilize each part of the saber through careful study of each form from a martial application perspective.

Great care will be taken to continue to incorporate foundational Taiji principles when teaching the saber.


It is said that to master the sword (jian) is the highest level of skill. The Taiji jian is the pefect blend of sophistication coupled with praticality. When trained properly the sword becomes an extension of the body thus allowing the player to extend their qi and manipulate the opponent from a much greater distance.

The classic Yang style 54 form set is perfect blend of exercise, qi expression and application. We teach the set slowly and incrementally with focus on the “what and why”. It is imperative that the student should gain a working understanding in the proper use of the weapon as they learn the beautiful flowing movements of the forms. Thus each form is taught and practiced with the application in mind.


The long staff form we teach was developed by our head instructor with the mindset of incorporating the concept of unity into the practice. The player must take the time to become intimate with the physicality of the long staff and study the fundamental techniques before learning to perform the set. Learning to become one with the staff takes patience, diligent practice and perseverance.

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