Essential Understanding

Essential Understanding   Empty yourself of everything This line denotes a sense of self. An individual. Me. I. I am. Ego. Unlike many wisdom traditions I see the ego is an essential tool of the human being. We show up on this plane of existence with our “ego bag” empty and then as we move along […]

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True Essence of Practice

True Essence of Practice I received an email this week from a new student in Spain who was inquiring about Ba Duan Jin details. He asked if the form “Pull the Bow” should start on one side or the other and then he referred to my demo video in which I start different forms on […]

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Inner Alchemy

I was emailing with a distance student this week and he was inquiring about inner alchemy and how to go about learning this practice. I responded that I currently do not have a formal in-studio or online course dedicated to inner alchemy but the idea of creating one has peaked my interest. I always say […]

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August Teachings

August Teachings The main theme of the teachings for the month of August had been bent around one of the true lessons of taiji which is that physical reality is the last stop on the manifestation train and by understanding this fact one can begin to start to have some influence upon their life and […]

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Why? Why has Tai Chi or Qigong been introduced into your life. Why do you carve out time from your busy schedule to learn and perform the sets? Why do you make the trip to the studio once or twice a week to seek out knowledge? Why do you seek out and read what you […]

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Higher Training

Higher Training   “Your movements will be agile and your spirit of vitality will be high. You will begin to feel that your tai chi practice goes beyond simple form training, and you will be able to perceive things as energetic combinations rather than as static physical bodies.” Yang Jwing-Ming   The above quote has […]

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