Shibashi set 1 – $25 USD

Our video lessons of Shibashi set 1 are not just “follow me” demo type videos. (You can get that from any Youtube video.) Instead you will be taught numerous relevant qigong concepts to incorporate into your practice in order to fully understand and perform this set for maximum benefit. You’ll learn some easy to remember rules that will allow you to stop thinking while performing the set in order to maximize the benefit of a lowered brain wave state. I will detail to how maximize flow by utilizing the concept of substantial and insubstantial. Plus you’ll learn how to activate your laogong points and use that connection to enhance your practice.

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All of our online courses are delivered via streaming video so you have 24/7 access as long as you can connect to the internet.

Each course is divided into multiple parts for ease of navigation and so that you take the learning process one step at a time. You can pause, go back, skip forward or watch them as many times as you like.

Certificate Options

Practitioner Level – Sifu will personally assess your performance of each course and provide feedback on how to improve your art. Plus you’ll receive an assessment certificate for all courses successfully completed. Your name and achievement will also be archived on our website (optional).

Master Level – Sifu will assist in your growth as a teacher by personally mentoring you in order to refine your abilities to a level where you can successfully teach your new skills. With this level of commitment you also receive a Certified Instructor Certificate upon successfully completing each course. Those who successfully complete the entire Qigong curriculum at the Master level will receive a Master’s certificate issued by the Association of Martial Artists World Wide (AMAWW).


If you are interested in our Practitioner or Master programs:
Purchase your first course and then email Sifu Rod with a note describing your requirements. Sifu will respond to each student individually and email you a curriculum sheet detailing the additional costs for these advanced programs. Our costs are extremely reasonable considering the level of individual attention each student will receive.

Basic Shibashi Guidelines:
Each Form is performed 6x
(except forms 12 & 13 which are performed 12x)
Inhale as you move the left
Exhale as you move to the right
Use the concepts from the Qigong Fundamental course in order to enhance your practice

After paying for the course you will be emailed your username and password. If after a few minutes you do not receive your email, please check your spam folder.

You may enroll in this course using Bitcoin or through Paypal [which also accepts debit and credit.]

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