Our Goal is to reach as many people as possible
With the best Online Tai Chi courses available today


With the introduction of HD video and internet streaming Tai Chi and Qigong students worldwide can now access our exceptional internal arts instruction utilizing this new technology.

It is extremely important to note that our instruction library is not “follow me” demo type instruction.

I have a proclivity for sharing, so each lesson is packed with information. My students always leave the studio saying “My plate is FULL!” I will teach you everything I know and I guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the abundant, finely detailed instruction.

Tai Chi has a reputation for being a very complex art yet my teaching style will make it easy for you to grasp, understand and incorporate the movements and concepts that other teachers or systems cannot transmit clearly. My teaching integrates the arts on five levels of understanding; physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual. Yet my approach is clear and methodical. We’ll start from humble beginnings by teaching the basics and continuously build upon the complexity as you mature into Mastery of your practice

We offer three levels of access to our lessons so that you can choose a program that best suits your requirements or budget.

Student level

Gives you 24/7 access to our finely detailed HD video lessons in streaming format. Each curriculum level has multiple video lessons (sometimes dozens) which allow you to quickly access exactly what you want to work on that day.

Practitioner level

Student benefits + Sifu will personally assess your performance at each level and provide feedback on how to improve your art. Plus you’ll receive an assessment certificate for all levels successfully completed. Your name and achievement will also be archived on our website. Those who complete the Tai Chi curriculum up to 1st Duan sword form will receive the rank of 1st Duan in the art of Taijiquan Fa, issued by the Association of Martial Artists World Wide (AMAWW).

Master level

Student benefits + Practitioner benefits + Sifu will assist in your growth as a teacher by personally mentoring you in order to refine your abilities to a level where you can successfully teach your new skills. With this level of commitment you also receive a Certified Instructor Certificate upon successfully completing each level of course material. Those who successfully complete either the entire Tai Chi or Qigong curriculum at the Master level will receive a Master’s certificate issued by the Association of Martial Artists World Wide (AMAWW).

“When will I know that I have it?”

Students ask me all the time “When will I know that I have it?” and I answer “When you can successfully teach it, then you know it!” So if you truly want to master the internal arts and begin teaching and sharing these wonderful practices within your community, then sign up for our Master level curriculum.

Please email me for discount information on complete curriculum packages.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase I will refund your complete payment. Just email me within 7 days of purchase and I will ensure you get every dime back. No questions asked… unless you want to tell me what you didn’t like about the program so I can improve it for future students!

Refunds on Full Curriculum Package Purchases will be issued for any levels not yet accessed.

Benefits of Membership

24/7 access to an extensive library of finely detailed HD video instruction

Continuously updated information at no extra charge

On-line testing for advancement within our Internationally accredited curriculum

Instructor certification for advanced students

Internationally recognized ranking and/or certifcations

Learn tai chi online. Learn tai chi at home. Our courses are inexpensive yet very detailed. Ranking and certification available to serious students.

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