Tai Chi Ranking, Certification & Teacher Training
Qigong Certification & Teacher Training

Traditionally the internal arts have not participated in a systematized ranking system yet in the last decade the Chinese Wushu Association has recognized that it would be beneficial to do so. The AMAWW has stepped in to fill this void and has standardized a process that will recognize worthy internal arts practitioners in order for you to further your martial arts practice, goals or careers. Tai Chi ranking and Qigong certification from the AMAWW in conjunction with Barrie Tai Chi & Qigong will serve as documented validation for your training and practice. AMAWW certification can be used as an International reference in order for you to further your goals in the arts, whether that be opening your own studio or if you are seeking employment as a teacher within an organization.

Our Taijiquan Program

Consists of 6 Ji levels and Duan ranking up to 4th Duan.
6th Ji – Yang 108 section 1 + 6 applications
5th Ji – Yang 108 section 2a + 12 applications
4th Ji – Yang 108 section 2b + 18 applications
3th Ji – Yang 108 section 3a + 24 applications
2nd Ji – Yang 108 section 3b + 30 applications
1st Ji – Yang traditional 32 form Saber set + applications
1st Duan – Yang traditional 54 form Sword set + applications

Our Qigong Program

Consists of learning five qigong sets:
Ba Duan Jin
Taiji Qigong 10 forms
Taiji Qigong Shibashi set 1
Taiji Qigong Shibashi set 2
Taiji Qigong Shibashi set 3

Plus a wide range of fundamental theory including:
Training theory
Proactive health & healing
Inner Alchemy

Tai Chi ranking, Tai Chi certifications, Qigong certification and teacher training in both arts offered in conjunction with the AMAWW (705) 730-0006

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