The best tai chi and qigong class ever. The perfect combination of being challenged and knowing that when I ask a question it will be answered. Thanks!
– Jean

‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear’ Truly this is what I experienced when I was in search of delving deeper into the inner alchemy of Tai Chi and the martial arts. In the past working on my own and with other clubs I felt that after years of study I wasn’t really making any headway. Rod at Barrie Tai Chi & Qi Gong showed me the true essence of the ‘internal’ arts. His passion, wisdom and enthusiasm for the inner alchemy is infectious and empowered me to progress quickly along the path. He is truly a master of the arts, thank you Rod!
– Blair Kovacs

When I moved to Barrie, I knew that I wanted to find a group that could keep me current with what I have learned in the past. I was not satisfied with what was out there and slowly but surely, life took over and Tai Chi disappeared from my life.

Two years ago, knowledge of this Club crossed my path and I started to attend classes. Little did I know that I would find a new beginning, and that this would lead me to a deeper understanding of myself and clarity to better deal with those around me.

Tai Chi, as it is taught by Rod, is so much more than a series of exercises that leads the practitioner to health and well being. Tai Chi is a true internal martial art that is far beyond what the majority of people know or expect.

The practise of Tai Chi and Qigong is conducive to experiencing energy or chi. It enhances spiritual development, personal growth and (speaking from personal experience) immediate health and emotional benefits. The curriculum is set in a way that allows students to become more balanced and grounded as they move through the different programs.

Thank you Rod for being a generous teacher that does not hold back knowledge. Thank you for watching over your students while they explore new paths.
– Kelly

I have been a student of Eastern Spiritual Practices, including Taoism and Feng Shui, for over 20 years. Three years ago I was able to add Tai Chi to my studies. I understood that I would be able to improve my health with this practice, and I did see minor improvements. But two months ago I started coming to Barrie Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes, and I am suddenly seeing the health improvements I had hoped for. To my surprise and delight, I am finding myself moving like I did 10 years ago. And once you’re over 50, that makes a huge difference in your life style. Thank you, Rod!
– Dorothy Lind

My kids and I really enjoyed your class and felt you were exceptionally knowledgeable. We also enjoyed the way you communicated with your students. Thank you for answering our questions and for making us feel so welcome.
– JP

I have had the pleasure of joining Rod in instructor training in Shibashi Qigong with Sifu Wing Cheung. Rod is very personable, knowledgeable and willing to share his knowledge to help others and he is easy to work with, all qualities I look for in an instructor myself.

If you are at all curious and want to see what taiji or qigong is about and experience what it can do for you, don’t miss the opportunity to join Barrie Tai Chi & Qigong and train with Rod.
– Terry O’Neill, Tai Chi and Qigong Instructor – Windsor Ontario

Being a member of this club has changed my life in several ways. In addition to the obvious physical advantages of flexibility, strength and balance, I’ve gained several other benefits including better stress management, lowered blood pressure, increased patience and peace of mind.

Classes are small and well organized, and are flexible enough to meet the needs of any skill level. Between the movements, philosophy, inner alchemy and martial applications, there is a lot of variety in the classes, and Rod regularly challenges us to be receptive to new paths that may open to us as our own practice evolves.

Rod helps us to understand how we might apply the practice in our everyday lives. The most notable aspects for me personally have been the infinite patience and sense of being grounded that Rod demonstrates every week. These gifts that he shares with us have helped me enormously at work and with my teenaged children.

I expect that practicing Tai Chi and Qigong will have a lasting positive impact on my high blood pressure, but another reason I keep coming back is the people. From the first class I attended 18 months ago, other members have been very welcoming and supportive. It’s a fun group of people, and I feel blessed to be able to learn from them and alongside them every week.
– Karen Upshaw

I wanted to thank Rod Morin and Barrie Tai Chi and Qigong Training Club, for helping me understand and grow as a student . Rod Morin is a very accomplished and gifted Instructor who understands all levels of Tai Chi (Taiji), all the traditional Taijiquan practices and of course Qigong. The instruction is very gradual and never rushed and you feel a connection to the art form with every class. Rod’s knowledge of Tai Chi will ensure you are learning Tai Chi properly and effortlessly. He has a eye for detail and you feel supported in a fun and enjoyable environment and without competition. You work at your own pace in the class with Rod and you will enjoy the feeling of accomplishment as you learn the forms. There is no other activity that a person can invest in, that will give you the same return and enjoyment.

For anyone who interested in improving their own health, balance, relaxation and blood pressure, there is nothing better. This is not a program just for old people and you owe it to yourself to give this a try. It is amazing how easy and enjoyable this is and you will begin to feel and understand why this art form has been around for thousands of years. Tai Chi is something that once learned will be a life long benefit and you will enjoy practising the forms alone or with a loved one, anywhere and anytime. I can’t give you all the technical reasons as to why it feels good, but I will say that since I have started Tai Chi as a student, I feel more relaxed every week and healthier as a person.
– Dan / Barrie

I am writing this testimonial with great pleasure regarding Mr. Rod Morin of Barrie Tai Chi & Qigong. I have never studied under Rod but I have had the pleasure of sharing style information with him on the mat. I found Rod to be extremely open-minded and a pleasure to work with.

It is not often that you get to meet a person like Rod from a completely different style (his style being of Chinese origin and mine from Japan) who is willing to share information for the betterment of his students. I feel that anyone who is training with Rod is getting excellent value for their time spent through his teaching.

Yours with Honour and Respect,
– Sensei Frank Duncan
6th degree Black Belt
Three time World Jiu Jitsu Champion

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