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Barrie Tai Chi & Qigong is basically a learning center where one can choose to learn online or come into the studio. The lessons we teach are much more than movement, we teach students to become balanced, centered, open minded, proactive and healthy. I encourage you to explore our website and read the blogs to gain a sense of what we are all about.

The blogs below cover all things Tai Chi & Qigong as well as a myriad of other ideas that might not be instantly associated with the internal arts, but as we all find out, everything is inter-connected. I hope you enjoy what I have to share.

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Dancing in the Tao

25 Feb Cultivating Stillness

Our senses are a major component of the veil that separates actuality from reality (the world of the ten thousand things).   The senses are the major source of non-stop information that overwhelms the mind into paying attention to the ten thousand things.   Trying to find stillness during...

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zen circle

22 Feb Less is More

There are many types and expressions of energy. We burn (explode) gases to generate power for our combustion engines and we splits atoms to power nuclear facilities. The same concept holds true in the practice of Taijiquan.   At a beginning level, players will start to play...

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applications in Po

19 Feb Applications

I have learned over the years that students gain even more appreciation for Tai Chi and actually retain more if I create a body/mind connection by teaching the applications of the forms while they learn the set. I don't know how many times I have heard...

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14 Feb Letting Go

Sometimes in class we play a little game that we call the “spaghetti arm yank”. The game is played by matching your stance with another player and locking onto each others wrists using a cross arm grab. So the grab is left hand to left...

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08 Feb Persistence

People start training in Tai Chi for as many reasons as there are students. For any of us that make it to our first anniversary of practice there is often a challenge presented that we must overcome. This challenge comes in many forms but the...

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peng jin

05 Feb Peng Jin 

One can look up peng jin and find numerous articles on this essential energy but one has to feel it to get it. I invite you to "get it". Think of one of those workout balls, you know those big ones that people can sit on....

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comprehending energy

01 Feb Comprehending Energy

"From careful investigation and experience, one may gradually realize how to comprehend energy (dong jin). From comprehending energy, you will attain, by degrees, spiritual illumination. Nevertheless, without an exertion of effort over time, one will not be able to suddenly have a thorough understanding of...

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stillness in motion

30 Jan Seek Stillness in Motion 

"The external martial arts view leaping and stumbling as ability. They employ exertion of qi and strength, so that after training they are invariably gasping for breath. Taijiquan uses stillness to manage movement. Even when there is movement there is stillness. Therefore, in practicing the...

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barrie tai chi six harmonies

27 Jan The Six Harmonies

There are three external and three internal harmonies to become aware of and intimate with.   The three external harmonies are:   ankles and wrists, knees and elbows and waist and shoulders   The player should strive to co-ordinate these matching pairs understanding their relationships. Do not think about these relationships...

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